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How I Used Software to Fundraise for my PTA

As a PTA head, I have always been on the lookout for effective fundraising tools to support our school's programs and resources. After some research, we found Schoolfundr ( and it has become our go-to platform for raising funds for our PTA. The tool is absolutely free and made specifically for schools. What isn't there to like? is an online platform that allows PTAs and schools to fundraise with the help of their community's support and participation. Here's how we use it to raise funds for our PTA end of year campaign.

  1. Setting up a Campaign - The first step is to create a campaign. We created a campaign page on the platform that outlines our fundraising goals, the programs we intend to fund, and a donation form for our community members to contribute to our cause. We also added photos of our PTA fundraising committee and videos of our school and our past programs to make our campaign more engaging and personal.

  2. Sharing the Campaign - Once we set up our campaign, we started promoting it through various channels, such as our school website, social media, newsletters, and parent-teacher conferences. We also asked our students to share our campaign with their families and friends to reach a broader audience.

  3. Tracking Donations - We can easily see how much money we have raised, how many donors contributed to our campaign, and their contact information. This feature has been invaluable in keeping us updated on our progress and following up with our donors with personalized messages of thanks.

  4. Offering Incentives - Another advantage of using is that we can offer incentives to our donors to encourage them to contribute more to our cause. We have created different donation tiers, each with its incentives, such as school merchandise or exclusive access to events. These incentives have proven to be effective in motivating our community members to donate more and engage with our campaign.

  5. Customizing the Campaign - Schoolfundr allows us to customize our campaign to our specific needs and goals. We can add additional features, such as a leaderboard that shows the top donors, to increase competition and encourage more donations. We can also customize our thank-you messages to our donors to create a more personalized and meaningful experience.

  6. Easy Payouts Finally, one of the best features Schoolfundr is the ease of receiving payouts. Once our campaign ends, Schoolfundr automatically transfers the funds we raised directly to our PTA account, eliminating the need for additional paperwork or delays.

The platform's user-friendly interface, tracking features, and ability to customize our campaign have helped us raise more funds than ever before. Additionally, we appreciate how the platform streamlines the donation process and offers incentives to our donors, which encourages them to participate more actively. If you're looking for an easy and effective way to raise funds for your school or PTA, I highly recommend giving Schoolfundr a try.


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